Chronology and facts

 Various co-operative efforts between Bruno Meißner and licensor Marler Haley Ltd.

Foundation of the Meißner ExpoSysteme GmbH in Norderstedt near Hamburg by graduate business manager Bruno Meißner. The company's main product is the Multi Display System developed by Marler Haley Exposystems, which is manufactured under license for the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The licensor Marler Haley becomes a shareholder. The opening of a branch with a showroom in Cologne is followed within the next two years by branches in Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin.

Launch of the Veloce system as the world's first folding display with integral lighting.

Acquisition of the first major order for the Veloce folding display for the Bundesanstalt für Arbeit (Federal Employment Office) in Nürnberg.

Move to new, larger premises in Norderstedt / Glashütte and expansion of the exhibition department with the focus on small and medium-sized exhibition stands in mixed, modular and exhibit-system construction.

Meißner ExpoSysteme becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Marler Haley Ltd. Bruno Meißner becomes Group Director and partner with Marler Haley ExpoSystems.1998 Meißner ExpoSysteme and Marler Haley, together with their branches in the Netherlands and Belgium, become part of the MICE Group Plc, London.

At the end of 1998, Meißner Exposysteme takes over the 150-year old firm of Apfelstedt+Hornung in Hamburg, moves to Hamburg at the beginning of 1999 into the premises of A+H and through A+H becomes a service partner of the Hamburg Messe.

Now renamed MICE MEISSNER EXPO GmbH, the company, together with the MICE Group, takes over the Berlin exhibition construction company of Kadoke Display Deutschland, which now operates in the market under the brand MICE KADOKE.
Bruno Meißner publishes the book "Das ABC des Messeauftritts" ("The ABC of exhibition presentation") through the Lexika-Verlag.

MICE MEISSNER EXPO enjoys its most successful year, with many successful major projects at EXPO2000 in Hannover: Producer for the "Global House - House of worldwide projects" with 6,500 m² of exhibition area, general contractor for presentation and interior design of the "Pavillon der Hoffnung" ("Pavilion of hope") with 700 m² exhibition area, conception and construction of the Pavilion of Uzbekistan with an area of 1,800 m², production and construction of 3 play stations on behalf of the Expo company and provision of the "Nations Days" with report material. With the Expo office in Hannover, the company now employs 80 people.

Introduction of the new motto: "The reliable partner for your perfect presentation". Exhibition stands are designed and planned as part of the overall exhibition presentation. Successful reference examples include exhibition workshops for sales teams and personal training for exhibition personnel.

During the course of the year, and as part of the anniversary campaign, 14 workshops are organised throughout Germany on the subject of "Exhibition presentations as an integrated marketing instrument", attracting over 500 participants.The product range of MICE Meissner Expo GmbH is consolidated to 13 presentation systems.In December, the 33 employees celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company.

A complete logistics service is developed for customers for small exhibition stands and displays: Storage of the displays, dispatch to the exhibition site, collection, maintenance and return to store prove to be an attractive service for customers in the IT and pharmaceuticals industry.

Merger of the German companies of the MICE Group under the name MICE International Deutschland GmbH. Raul Rios takes over the management of the Hamburg business units, while Bruno remains with the company as Business Development Director.

In June, the MICE Group collapses as a result of economic problems of the English production companies. In August, the German MICE International Deutschland GmbH is also forced to file for insolvency due to excess debt to stave off English compulsory administration. Business is continued while looking for new investors for the three locations of Erlangen, Berlin and Hamburg.

Bruno Meißner founds the new MEISSNER EXPO GmbH, Hamburg, and together with Thomas Garreis the MEISSNER + GARREIS Displaysysteme GmbH & Co. KG. These two companies take over parts of the Hamburg unit from the insolvency, and re-employ most of the former employees. The 'Exhibitions' unit is restructured by MEISSNER EXPO, while MEISSNER + GARREIS restructures the 'Display' unit.  At the end of July MEISSNER EXPO GmbH moves to new premises together with MEISSNER + GARREIS Displaysysteme GmbH & Co. KG. The company now has 1500 m² of space at its disposal for warehouse, production area, showroom and offices.

MEISSNER + GARREIS Displaysysteme GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 2008 by Bruno Meißner and Thomas Garreis, has been integrated as planned into the company GARREIS Warenpräsentation at the beginning of 2011. Therewith GARREIS succeeds the former MICE group in the field of display systems. Bruno Meißner together with MEISSNER EXPO is focused to the greatly increasing fair business and so furthers the company's expansion. 

Bruno Meißner, owner and MD of MEISSNER EXPO GmbH in Hamburg, Germany announces the power of attorney (procuration) transfer to his son Nikolaus Meißner. Nikolaus Meißner finished his university education as Dipl. Kfm. (MBA) of the Business Administration College of the Münster University. He started his career as Project Manager and IT-specialist two years ago and will now take up additional responsibilities in Customer Relationship and Project Management.

MEISSNER EXPO expands and moves to Halstenbek on the outskirts of Hamburg. The new premises of 5.000 sqm offer sufficient space for demanding logistics. An old villa becomes the new office building, a new state-of-the-art warehouse of 1.500 sqm is erected.

MEISSNER EXPO celebrates a jubilee: 40 years ago Bruno Meißner founded MEISSNER EXPO SYSTEME GmbH, the company that became MEISSNER EXPO GmbH 10 years ago.

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