The FAMAB quality code

The basis for transparency and trust

At this year's annual conference of the FAMAB in Berlin, the FAMAB Quality Code was presented and subsequently adopted. This code represents a general quality guaranty from all FMA members to its clients and provides the basis for transparency and trust. Through the institution of the Quality Code, the FAMAB -Association for Live Communication- documented emphatically its quality demands on its members.

By signing the members undertake to respect the following principles:

  • To uphold ethical and commercial principles
    We are against corruption and advantage-taking practices in any form. 

    We plead for fair competition and keep a binding, proper collaboration with clients, colleagues, contractors, competitors and others.

    We are committed to the use of qualified personnel and observe the rules for safety.
    We are committed to technical competence, punctuality and reliability. 

  • Legality
    Compliance with all legal and social conditions in particular to contract delivery, labor, insurance and taxation including compliance to all industry-specific regulations. 

  • Sustainability
    In terms of ecological, economic and social responsibility.

The full declaration of the FAMAB Quality Code can be read here.

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