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Here you will find all essential information for your exhibition.


Exhibition Information

Last Exhibition Information

Plan Hall A3

Plan Hall A4


First Exhibition Information

Information how you can get free WiFi at the fair (Please bring Information with you to Hamburg)

Order Forms

Deadline for all your orders: April 30th 2019, after that late booking extra charge

Please send the forms to the mentioned suppliers. Your booth number will be added from the service provider.

Electricity | Carpet | Booth Building (Choice of carpet color, text of facias...)


Technical Equipment (e.g. flat screen)

Exhibition Staff

Others (e.g. flowers, waste disposal, booth cleaning... )  

Internet Connection (suitable for Streamings)

Stand Security

Transportation / Shipping - please see adress on "Last Exhibition Information" page 2 

Please note: By accident there was told a wrong mail adress. The right one is exposervice.hamburg@kuehne-nagel.com 

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