Alles aus einer Hand - für Messen, Ausstellungen, Innenausbau, Kongresse und Events

egal ob live, hybrid oder virtuell

MEISSNER EXPO tends to 3D brand communication. But what exactly does that mean?

It means that we create spaces for you to meet your customers. Classic examples are trade fairs, exhibitions, showrooms, congresses, road shows, in-house exhibitions or other marketing events ...
But we also make your virtual or hybrid event possible.

Together, we decide what is right and useful for you. Often, you don't even need the whole package. Find out more about us and your options:

Analysis + Conception
Design + Architecture
Staging + Media 

Your goal: Your message, your brand, your company or organization should be remembered

Our approach: modern storytelling

Storytelling has been practiced for thousands of years. Experiences are told in stories. Memories are created from this. We combine the instrument of storytelling with multisensual experiences and thus create an effect that lasts. 

At the beginning of our cooperation, you will receive individual and market-oriented advice. We will analyze options, consider suitable designs and, taking into account all specifications, develop individual concepts and ideas together.

Our team of designers and media professionals will visualize your project in advance. We will tell you about the costs in detailed offers. Are you content? Then let’s implement!

Planning + Implementation
Production + Logistics
Storage + Full service 

Your goal: A smooth brand presence

Our approach: Let’s do it!

Our project managers know their way around. We will take care of the entire organization and all the necessary formalities for your event.

Our production team of experienced craftsmen, fitters and media technicians ensures high quality and punctual completion of your project, if necessary, together with long-term, competent partners.

Of course, we also plan all logistical details for transport, assembly and dismantling as well as the storage of all components and exhibits.

Workshops + Training
Evaluation + Optimization 
Advice + Support 

Your goal: a sustainable, competent brand presence

Our approach: comprehensive training and coaching

An event doesn't just last a few days. Well thought-out accompanying measures before, during and after the event are decisive for the success of any presentation. We offer workshops and tools to help you achieve your goals:

    • Concept workshops for marketing and sales staff
    • Stand staff training to limber up get your sales team
    • Lead management training and lead management tools for analyzing and processing potential interests
    • CEO and manager coaching

Virtualization + Digital staging 
In-house full service + Rental packages
Green screen + Clear structure  

Your goal: a green screen studio in which brand communication is possible that was not possible “before”

Our approach: Our green screen studio

You can find more about this exciting topic on our MEISSNER EXPO STUDIO page!! MEISSNER EXPO STUDIO page!